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Environment: Every day, our people travel to work and for business, use electricity to keep warm or cool and to power their computers and consume water. Our books and newspapers use paper and ink and are packaged around the world. While most of our products are based on intellectual property, we recognise that our day to day operations have an effect on the world around us and that we have a responsibility to manage and measure this impact.

Efficiency is not just about capital. It is also about making sure that we and our supplier partners do not use up more natural resources than we really need to.

Pearson has had an environmental policy since 1992. We reviewed this policy in 2000 and put a benchmarking procedure in place in 2001 to measure our progress. We have now surveyed all of our wholly owned businesses. We have set targets and report on our performance on our website. There is more to do, but we are committed to continue this work.

Labour standards and human rights: A commitment to labour standards and human rights is one of the basic building blocks on what being a good corporate citizen means to us.

We realise that these are not always easy issues. One practical way to make real our concern for labour standards and human rights was by becoming a founder signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. The Compact sets out nine principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards and the environment. Its purpose is to provide a framework for companies to consider and manage their impact on global society and the environment - ideal for an international company with customers all over the world.

In our 2000 Annual Report and Accounts, we codified the UN principles into a series of guidelines that formed the key commitments against which we would judge ourselves. Each year, we report in our Annual Report and Accounts and on our website on the progress made against our guidelines.

In 2001 we began a process to ensure that we live up to these commitments by surveying our workforce. We completed this process in 2002 and the survey now covers 82 business operations in 41 countries. We are confident that for all the businesses that we own we meet or exceed the standards we have set ourselves on equal employment opportunities and conditions. In 2003 we plan to extend our survey to include our major sub-contractors.


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