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A great place to work

From business to education to books, our products last a lifetime.

In a world where the prosperity of individuals and countries increasingly depends on their knowledge and skills, our products matter more than ever.


We're a publishing company: whether data or images on paper or screens; whether in real time or from another century. Our customers trust us to make the right calls on which authors to sign up, which news stories to put up front, or how best to illustrate a science experiment. That takes good judgement in thousands of decisions about what's true, what's important, what's entertaining and what's inspiring. more »

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We mix services with our publishing to make the content more valuable and introduce us to new markets. We combine textbooks with tests, so a teacher can diagnose how a child is learning, and prescribe an individual programme to help him along. We blend today's company news and analysis with historic data, so an investor has the information he needs to manage his money. more »


We're one company. Our special mix of assets is generating some wonderful opportunities - both to save costs and to grow revenues. We're realising the scale advantages of being the world's biggest book publisher, and we're creating new products that are more useful and more appealing because our businesses are working together. more »

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Our most important advantage is our people. Everything we create - ideas, stories, newspapers, images, books, websites - is only as good as their minds and imaginations. They're responsible for helping children learn and for testing them to check that they have; for helping business people to make the right choices; for telling stories that help people understand the world or bring a smile to their face. So our company extends beyond newsrooms, design studios and warehouses and into classrooms, colleges, businesses, trading floors and homes. more »


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