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We provide education in the broadest sense of the word. Our products help children to succeed at school or adults to succeed at work; they help politicians consider different points of view or business people to divine markets; they inspire people to take a fresh look at the world. In 2002, we invested some 250m on new products and services.


Learning to read at your own speed: A great deal of scientific research suggests that very young children who aren't read to at home enter school at a significant disadvantage. After nearly a decade of intensive study by top educators and researchers, the Waterford Early Reading Program was developed by the Waterford Institute, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to deliver superior education through technology. The programme, sold across the US by Pearson Education, has a unique computer-based instruction that adapts to an individual user's learning pace, regardless of primary language or pre-literacy exposure. It gives each child 15 minutes of individual attention and assistance each day, with a rich multi-media mix of books, poems, songs and other literacy activities.

The programme has been formally assessed, comparing the achievements of students who used the programme with those who did not. The research shows the programme to be very effective in preparing young children to read, with particular strength in bringing the lowest performers in a class to reading competency and helping non-English speaking children to assimilate English language skills more quickly.

We've recently launched the Waterford Early Maths and Science programmes, using the same innovative self-paced software to provide students with a solid foundation in basic maths skills, science content and creative problem-solving.

More about the Waterford Programme and the research findings at

Putting reading first: The US federal Government has created a $1bn annual budget to boost literacy levels for young children. The money can only be spent on programmes that are scientifically proven to boost language and literacy skills.

Pearson Education has partnered with eminent researchers to bring their work in scientifically-based reading instruction to benefit young children across America. Teaming up with the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Pearson Early Learning published their research-based screening tool, Get Ready to Read!, which helps parents and teachers know if a child is ready to learn how to read. To engage parent, child, and teacher in the active development of reading skills, we published their scientifically-based programme Read Together, Talk Together. It is founded on the principle that children gain dramatic growth in reading and language skills when there is an integrated dialogue between the adult and the child who is learning to read. The programme includes new picture books designed by Dorling Kindersley, classic children's books from Penguin, and support materials for teachers and parents designed to stimulate conversations with children about books.

Leaving no child behind: Teachers and schools getting ready for America's most sweeping education reforms for 25 years now have a helping hand. Concert, a new online application, will allow teachers to tailor learning for each student and help schools to monitor and report their students' performance. These are new requirements for schools as part of President Bush's ?No Child Left Behind' education act.

More information at

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