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The fourth edition:, the online expression of the Financial Times, is the world's most popular audited business website. Since its launch in 2000, we've been steadily growing its audience - now a record 3.5 million users every month - and earning revenues through the sale of advertising and content. In 2002 took another big step forward as it launched a new range of services and began to convert those users into paying customers.

We re-designed the site and added new content, making the most of the FT's unique comment and analysis. Paid-for services such as Lex Live and the Brussels Briefing are among the most popular areas of the site. By the end of 2002 we had 45,000 paying subscribers, helping to break even. It's now well established as the leader in online business journalism and is set fair to pay its way as the newspaper's fourth edition.

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Working for the government: NCS Pearson's Government Solutions business was Pearson's fastest-growing division in 2002, winning more than $500m of new US Government contracts. The US federal Government is keen to outsource non-core operations to private companies, and NCS is using its expertise in testing, training, HR support and data management to take advantage of the opportunity.

In March NCS Pearson was hired by the Transportation Security Administration to help it recruit and train 64,000 security personnel for US airports, in the biggest recruitment drive in US peacetime history.

We're also providing an online college education for US Navy personnel onboard ships and submarines; processing student grant applications for the Department of Education; helping the US Army, Navy and Air Force to administer their HR systems; and operating a national customer service centre for the US Department of Justice.

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Made-to-order: In colleges up and down America, we're helping professors to create their own unique textbooks. We custom-build books and online programmes for a professor's individual course - taking in his own course plan and lecture notes, chapters from our books, newspaper articles, and tests and assignments he wants his students to take along the way.

So now we can make a curriculum that teaches his course the way he wants it. This business has trebled in size over the past three years, and is a model of personalised publishing that many other parts of Pearson can follow.

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