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Nurses's Watch Pearson Education

Testing the professionals: This year, 200 Pearson professional testing centres opened for business across the US. Each year 150,000 aspiring nurses will take their professional examinations in our centres, which provide an accessible and secure environment for online testing. Now the centres are open, we're aiming to make them the testing home for many other professions.

pi? Pearson Education

Adding up: Pearson's Higher Education publishing business took the emergence of the internet as an opportunity to extend its leadership and attack one of its big competitors - the market for second-hand textbooks. My Math Lab, an online learning environment dedicated to improving student performance in mathematics, is a good example. It provides homework in multi-media instructions for 66 of our Higher Education maths titles and we're adding more. Students are able to log on using access codes, which they only receive when they buy a new textbook. Professors use the site to tailor material to their particular teaching needs. This leading-edge technology helped the Higher Education publishing business to grow well ahead of its market. We're launching similar products in economics, psychology, anatomy and physiology in 2003.

Sheep Mobile FT

A fair deal for investors: The FT's asset pricing business, IDC, is set to benefit from one of its most exciting new products. IDC discovered that a structural inefficiency within US mutual funds was costing the funds $4bn a year. Their investments in overseas markets like Japan were valued at the end-of-day prices - even though there were circumstances in which, if stock markets elsewhere in the world rose sharply while Japan was sleeping, it was a statistical certainty that Japan would re-open higher too. Arbitrageurs were taking advantage of these ?stale' prices and making significant profits. So IDC created a service called Fair Value Pricing - to come up with more accurate values for overseas securities. The product is being trialled with 50 of the world's largest financial institutions and we're helping the industry solve a problem that they weren't even aware of. We're now developing a range of follow-on products and ideas that our methodology can be applied to.

USA Pearson Education

Making its mark: Millions of students depend on Pearson as they sit their school tests and exams. In 2002, our educational testing business renewed two of its largest statewide contracts - California and Ohio - and won six new state contracts and the Department of Education's nationwide test of student progress. This business is poised to benefit further as the US Government has passed a law requiring all 50 states to test every 8-13 year-old in reading and maths every year.

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